fosmon wireless doorbell

Fosmon wireless doorbell 51001HOM with portable receiver

The Fosmon wireless doorbell is the flexible and high tech quality doorbell. It is very essential for your home security system. It is modern and coeval design doorbell. The doorbell provides some new great features and its give s very good work performance. This wireless doorbell system includes lot of different chime tones and adjustable volume system.

This doorbell sound quality very good and clear. Its door chimes sound loud and nice hearing. It is available in the market and most of customer review. It is easily plug-in into any home outlet. It is simply set up any different places. The doorbell gives you a great wireless operating range. It does provide 1000 feet wireless working area.fosmon wireless doorbell

This doorbell perfectly uses garage area, big apartment, commercial area and your home or office space. If you need a workable and well-made doorbell that Fosmon 51001HOM wireless doorbell is best for you.


Product Features

Quality: Fosmon wireless doorbell is high quality product. It is includes super long range wireless transmitter and strong access signal ability. It can be installed any home outlet and it’s never miss anyone for your door outlet. It’s always saved your house.

Design: The doorbell classic design and combination with white color. It is so pretty for your home décor design. It is one of the best wireless doorbells that make your home look gorgeous. It is portable and wireless design allows you to install the doorbell in any part of your house.

fosmon doorbell

Range: The best wireless doorbell gives you a great wireless operating range. It will provide you coverage over 1000ft/300m in open area. It is excellent receiving remote control system.

Tune: These wireless door chimes provide loud and many different sound quality. It will give you 52 unique ring tunes and its hearing to smooth and clear. It’s set any different place gets notified where ever you are.

Volume system: This doorbell also gives you four level volume adjustable control system. It you can adjust the volume like as what you want. The doorbell volume range 25db to 110db.

Easy to Install: The Fosmon wireless doorbell is very easy to install without any complexity. This doorbell include installation accessories, you can install in your offered method.

LED Indicator: This doorbell receiver and transmitter build in LED indicator system. Its doorbell has a great option for achieving the Led indicator notification. It is include visual alert for the hearing impaired.

Battery: The doorbell button fully battery operated. This doorbell plug-in receiver into a power outlet, no batteries required for main receiver battery for transmitter. It is use 12V or 23A battery. It does provide long lasting battery.

Fosmon 51001HOM Wireless Doorbell

Product Information of Fosmon wireless doorbell 51001HOM

  • Product Dimensions: 4* 4.8* 3.1 inches
  • Item Number: 51001HOM
  • Item Weight: 4 ounces
  • Color: 1 Receiver / 1 Remote Button
  • Item package Quality: 1
  • Item Model Number: 51001HOM
  • Batteries Included? No
  • Batteries Required? No

Pros of Fosmon 51001HOM Wireless Doorbells

  • This Wireless doorbell system will provide you more than 1000ft and it is able to cover a big home or apartment.
  • This Wireless door chime will provide you 52 different unique soft and sweet tunes.
  • This doorbell also provide you 4 level volume adjustable control panel which is able to give you the right adjustment for your door bell.
  • These door bells also provide you a unique feature that is visual LED light indicator.
  • This doorbell baton is fully battery operated and uses 12V Alkaline Battery for this push baton.
  • The volume range of this device is 25 to 110 db.
  • The operating temper of this Wireless door bell is 5°F to 140°F or -15°C to 60°C .
  • The installation process of this device is so easy.

Cons of Fosmon 51001HOM Wireless Doorbells

  • The receiver unit needs electricity power supply.
  • You can’t download extra tune in it.


Installation process is so important for a door bell if the installation is so hart then it will not work properly. For this you always try to choose those product which is easy to setup. The installation process of fosmon wireless doorbell is so easy. You can easily set this device to your home. 1ST you have to connect the receiver unit with power. Then the push baton unit you have to add battery in it then go to the outside and set the push button unit in in front of your door where was the old push baton and set the device. Now active it and go to the receiver unit the receiver unit have tune button to change tune and set it and also have the volume adjustable control button in it. You can set the whole process in only 10 to 15 m and any one can set it.

Fosmon Wireless Doorbells


A lot of product available in market it really difficult to choose a product from them and choose a good product for your home which is really effective for your home. The mode I describe is really an effective product and it really makes your life easier.  Fosmon wireless doorbell 51001HOM is one of the best wireless doorbell now a day. The feature it provide you is really so effective in your daily life. The range of this door bell is really appreciate able and highly modified to cover a big home or an apartment. ALL the tunes of this Wireless doorbell is soft and unique you will never feel disturb with its sound because this doorbell provides CD quality sound. If your sound is low or if any reason you don’t hear the sound of this device then LED light indicator will help you to alert yourself.