homasy wireless doorbell

Homasy Wireless Doorbell Kit review

Every people want to keep their house safe from any potential threat. Home owners need  a home guard for safe their house from any crimes. Homasy wireless doorbell is the perfect guard for any home. This doorbell manufactured by different method applied. Actually every home are not perfect if it’s not have any guard or security. Homasy wireless doorbell is standard from any designing home. This dorbell is the perfect matching for any interior house.

Homasy wireless doorbell made by different method from other wireless door bell. This door chime is water proof smart and elegant designed. The best system of this wireless door chime is IP55 waterproof for used outside door. The chime of this wireless doorbell is so calm and clear. The sounds are good and noiseless. There are 52 different chime included into it.

homasy wireless doorbell

Towards the range the door bell is perfect for apartment or big house. The push button of this wireless door chime is decor and smart designed.

There are many wireless doorbell available in the market but Homasy door bell is the best wireless doorbell from all other door chime.

This door bell have some special feature. For those feature this door bell become populous day by day. Now let’s say all about this door chime.


Feature Description

In the feature description let know all information about its special qualification. This door bell have some various system. The feature of this door chime describe below.

Range: It’s very important for a doorbell. This wireless doorbell range over 1000 feet (300 meters) in open area. The push button to receiver connecting area is so large from other wireless door chime. If you use this door chime then never miss any visitors for its great chime.waterproof doorbell

Waterproof: This door bell push button (transmitter) 100% waterproof and IP55 plastic material covered into it. For this reason The push button perfect for outside use. The transmitter also weatherproof. The transparent compartment of the transmitter at bottom allows visitor leave a message to you.

Mechanism: The Homasy door chime made by some different system. The door chime unit (receiver) used by electrical outlet and transmitter is waterproof perfect for outside used.

Chimes: The chime of this wireless door chime is calm and euphonious. There are no noiseless and not more loud. There are 52 chimes included (16 chords) into this door bell. Never miss a visitor again. The paging device used as elderly care and nursing.

waterproof wireless doorbellVolume: The volume of this door chime is great. There are many wireless doorbell available in the market but their volume is not good for apartment or big house. There are 4 level volume system in this door bell. The limit of this volume control system is 25 decibel to 110 decibel. You can customize your volume use volume control button.

Light Indicator: The doorbell is enable to give led light indicator. When additional alert needed the transmitter button flash blue light hint and let you know someone at your door. Then the receiver hint white light to give them friendly indicator.

Instruments: One transmitter (push button), one receiver (chime unit), double sided tape, screws and anchor. transmitter mount for double sided sticker, receiver plug-in any electrical outlet, Battery for remote transmitter button.

homasy doorbell

Product Details

  • Part Number: VS1-HHM001WUS
  • Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Size: 1 Push Button and 1 Remote Receivers
  • Color: White
  • Switch Style: Push button
  • Included Components: Batteries
  • Style: A23 12V
  • Material: ABS
  • Usage: Hard Material
  • Power Source: AC
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Wattage: 3 watts
  • Installation Method: Wall-Mounted
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Product Dimensions: 39 * 3.1 * 3.8 inches
  • Special Features: Portable
  • Batteries Included?  Yes
  • Batteries Required? Yes

homasy waterproof wireless doorbell


  • It is easy to install
  • From transmitter to receivers connecting range 1000 feet. (300 meter open place)
  • 52 different chime with 16 chords included.
  • Flash light indicator signal enable.
  • Waterproof transmitter IP55.
  • Color white, smart and elegant design.
  • It is 4 level adjustable volume control system include.
  • Volume limit 25 decibel to 110 decibel.
  • Battery for remote transmitter.
  • Chime unit used by electrical outlet plug-in.
  • No batteries for receiver.
  • Receiver work at AC 110 V/ AC 220 V.
  • By double sided tape the transmitter mount on outside wall.


  • It is little cheap price.
  • Motion detector does not come yet.

 homasy doorbells

Homasy Wireless Doorbell Installation Guide

Homasy wireless doorbell installation so easy. There is no hard for installation. Installation time maximum 5 min. Just open the package and maintain all things. then battery for set into remote transmitter. double sided tape open the musk then transmitter mount at outside door. The receiver of this wireless door chime plug-in to electrical outlet. When Both are active then the receiver and transmitter connecting within few min like maximum 2 min. After that The Homasy waterproof doorbell will be active. After the installation you will never miss a visitor again.

wireless waterproof doorbell


Homasy wireless doorbell is the perfect guard for your home. Now you know all about This waterproof wireless doorbell. Actually if you have a big house or apartment then you should use this door chime. Every doorbell have some differentiation. But This doorbell is the best wireless doorbell than any other doorbell. If I Miss any part of this wireless doorbell please let me know I would like fill up  your all demand.

homasy waterproof doorbell

Now you can go to market and you can buy this door bell from any online marketplace.