SkyBell Wi Fi Video Doorbell

SkyBell Wi Fi Video Doorbell review

Skybell Wi Fi video doorbell is a smart video doorbell which gives you to see, hear and speak with your visitors at your door when you are at home, at work or any other place. SkyBell allows you to control facility and safety that you’d not get ever before. This Doorbell sends you a video feed when a visitor presses the button.SkyBell Wi Fi Video Doorbell

So you can easily communicate with each other from your android mobile or IOS device with whom at your door. SkyBell Wi Fi Video Doorbell is the only best video doorbell which has the motion sensor, video motion, camera access, live monitoring system and invisible night vision.

It is made in the USA. If you use this doorbell you will get some advantage which is well favored for you.

Product Features

  • Motion sensor which is providing you additional security. Even SkyBell alerts you if visitor doesn’t press the button
  • Can control using IOS and Android smartphone
  • Easily can capture a photo of your visitor with the touch of a button
  • Live video feed from the app
  • Silent mode
  • Night vision LED
  • No need battery
  • Send calls to multiple devices
  • Easy to installation
  • Video camera
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Two-way audio
  • Water resistant
  • Android and iOS supported
  • Well facility to see, hear and speak with your visitor
  • HD Video support like can see your visitor up to 1080p HD and 5x zoom. Which is better quality for a home doorbell.
  • Live monitoring your front door at any time using the video from the android or IOS app
  • SkyBell wi fi video doorbell can record each video so you can download or watch them at any time.
  • Multiple users can receive alerts to reply the door.

  • A kit included with mounting screws and base plate. Almost everything you need a short time to install.
  • Intercom system with video
  • Easy to setup & installation
  • Motion sensor
  • Video feature
  • Two-way audio
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Night vision
  • Direct video power
  • Weatherproof & water resist

  • Most probably skybell wifi is said that it does not record calls or any motion events system. But it can be hard to ignore this feature because of you can’t constantly monitoring.
  • No web app for it
  • Picture resolution not high
  • Does not record calls
  • Not enough memory
  • Take a full minute to connect

SkyBell Wi Fi Video Doorbell is the best product of SkyBell technologies Inc. you can hear and speak from any iOS & android mobile devices. When visitors come to knock at your door, they will press the button on the device which you do on a traditional doorbell. After pressed the button you will get a call from the doorbell. You will see a video feed on your mobile screen which tells you to accept or decline. If you accept the call, you can see, hear or speak with your visitor.SkyBell Wi Fi Doorbell

You can control doorbell’s sound directly from your android or IOS application. It constantly requires direct power from a low-voltage transmitter. It also allows you to connect multiple users to each device. By the SkyBell, you can also snap photos and record videos directly.


Product information

  • Color: silver or bronze
  • Part Number: SB 100W
  • Weight: 9.3 ounces
  • Size: 0.8” × 2.8” × 2.8”
  • Origin: Andorra

Requirements for SkyBell Wi Fi Video Doorbell

SkyBell Wi Fi Video Doorbell requires full time power solution which is designed to be connected to a wired. Skybell is compatible with lower voltage transformer and it’s need from 8-36 VAC 10 VA or 12 VDC and amp rate 0.5 to 1.0. If you do not have experience using the mechanical doorbell chime, you must need to use a 10 ohm / 10-watt resistor for a connection between SkyBell and power source. SkyBell Video Doorbell

SkyBell doorbell works with 2.4 gHz which connects to b/g networks. You must need to connect with your smartphone to the 2.4 gHz networks. SkyBell Doorbell requires fast-speed internet with 1.5 Mbps upload speed.


  • At first press on your present doorbell button to make sure that your chime works or not.
  • Now remove your old doorbell and carefully cut the 2 wires which are connected with your current doorbell.
  • Throughout the wires into the center of the mountain plate. Should remember, it needs to be confirm that front side of the mountain plate faces you.
  • Confirm the mountain plate to the wall with screws. For the surface area drill holes with the correct drill bit and secure the screws to the wall.
  • Now join your current doorbell’s wires with SkyBell doorbell’s wire.
  • After that insert the joined wires into the blue wire connector and push unit. So the wires reach the end of the wire connector.
  • Clamp down on the wire connectors and fold the wires together with a pair of the spanner.
  • Now repeat the steps 5-7 again for the other two wires.
  • Now confirm the LED light and will start to blink red. Don’t worry it may take a few minutes. If you can see the light is blinking very slowly, the battery is charging and probably it take 10 minutes to complete. If you can see it is blinking quickly, the device is charged and ready to sync.
  • Set the doorbell perfectly over the mountain plate than you insert the locking tools into the center of the device. Now is the time to turn the tool counter 3 times clock wisely. Noy, you need to be sure that the screws are not exposed above the bottom of the device.
  • Now perfectly your doorbell is installed.

SkyBell Doorbell


In maximum reviews, it is common that SkyBell doorbell needs more additional features. It is effectiveness but comes up short in performance. Skybell wi fi doorbell easy to install but need an existing wired doorbell to set up. Although it has some lake of features, SkyBell Wi Fi Video doorbell is the best choice for added security measures and benefits. SkyBell developer is currently working to resolve performance issues and developing essential features. Already another SkyBell doorbell released where they are improved more features. Overall this doorbell is impressive and best Wi-Fi enabled doorbell available on the market.