Honeywell wireless doorbell – RCWL300A1006 Premium portable wireless door chime

Honeywell is a world class company for doorbell. Over 120 years with trustfully, and reliability. Honeywell provide us a lot of device that makes our life easier. Honeywell Company provides RCWL 300A1006 Premium Portable door chime is best wireless doorbell. Honeywell wireless doorbell provides great feature and an Assam experience in doorbells wireless doorbell

What provides honeywell wireless doorbell?

Honeywell wireless doorbell provides different tune and outstanding range. The range of honeywell wireless doorbell is about 225 feet (66 meters). It also provide low battery indicator. The sound of this bell is CD quality and full adjustable valium control system, honeywell wireless doorbell also works as motions detector, door contacts or door chimes.

Product Features

Feature of the honey well RCWL 300A1006 premium Portable wireless door chime given below.

  1. Honeywell doorbell is wireless and need battery to use it.
  2. It is work with three transmitter system they are doorbell, door contracts, and motion detector.
  3. The tune of this device is CD quality and also adjustable volume control system.
  4. The range of Honeywell doorbell is 225 foot or 66 meters.
  5. This device is portable.
  6. Low battery indicator system also added in this device.
  7. Also provide vibration alert system when someone is in your door or somehow the motion detector is detected.
  8. It will provide all the feature of a best wireless doorbell.

Product Description

The honeywell wireless doorbell is world class doorbell company .This Company provides a lot doorbell with lot of feature. Honeywell RCWL300A 1006 is one of the best wireless doorbell in them. It provide great feature that change the concept of doorbell. It provides us many features that make our life flexible and secured.  This is not only doorbell this device also works as three transmitter doorbell, door contracts, and motion detector.

Honeywell wireless doorbell provides CD quality sound .It has three sound of its own. It has volume adjustable control system .Any one can adjust volume like the all other best wireless doorbell.

Honeywell doorbell gives us a great range. The range of it is 225 foot (66 meter) .So we can easily move it in anywhere in home. This is user friendly it makes our daily life so much easier.  You can take it with you to the patio, or your garage or home where ever you want.

Honeywell doorbell provide motion sensor if you link motion detector that will signal you in every activities like if any windows or door open or when any parson is in front of your door. When you use different transmitter, alert light allow you to show which one is activated and you can easily response for it.

This best wireless doorbell provides you great feature and different transmitters that makes your life flexible. Honeywell door chime also makes your home or place fully secured. The design of honeywell doorbell is so good it is made of plastic so it’s not so heavy easy to setup. Company provides 2 colors black and white both of color looks gorgeous. It makes your home decoration great.

Details and specs: Details and specs of Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime.

Part NumberRCWL300A1006/N
Item Weight12 ounces
Product Dimensions8.5 x 6.1 x 1.5 inches
Included ComponentsWireless Door Chime, Pre-Programmed Bell Push Button, Cr2032 Coin Cell Battery, Mounting Hardware, Instructions
Adjustable volumeYes
Battery includedNo
Battery requiredYes

How to setup: The setup process of honeywell wireless doorbell is simple. It is wireless so you don’t need to setup an electricity line. It has three led light that indicated sensor activities. This honeywell door chime has three different tunes you can choose them from the upper tune baton.

Volume adjustable panel is located under the front of the chime. The battery panel is on the back side.

You can set the wireless push button in front of your door. You can also set motion sensor and door contracts for the security reason.

Advantage and limitation:  Honeywell wireless doorbell is so use full. This is not only a calling bell it also provide you different facilities that will makes your life flexible. Honeywell rcwl300a1006 also helps you in different security matters.

Honeywell rcwl300a1006 contain different sensor that can easily detect and inform you. Honeywell doorbell has motion sensor for it, you can easily know if someone stand in front of your door. If somehow any window or door is open then it also alerts you.

rcwl300a1006 bell is wireless for this no need electricity line.  No need wire and has a great range about 225 foot (66 meter) for this you can easily move rcwl300a1006 anywhere in home or garage or where ever you want. It has three led light that work when a sensor work so you can easily know which particular detector detected.

Honeywell wireless doorbell has three CD qualities tune. It has volume adjustable control system that means you can adjust your sound how much you need. It is made of plastic so it is not so heavy easy to move or setup. It has low battery indicator that can provide you the current information of battery if battery is low it will not automatic off it will give you signal. So that u can easily change the battery.

Honeywell doorbell has some limitation we can’t download another tone in it. Honeywell wireless doorbell’s area is 66 miters it will not work   after this range and there is not option to charge battery in it so if the battery is down you need to change it.

Conclusion: Honeywell is a well-known company. The product we describe it is not a bad product at all. The product works as good as its unique gorgeous design. With its good looking design it will provide you great feature and impassive range. It is may be that best wireless doorbell that you have been looking for.