SadoTech Model CXR Wireless Doorbell

Electronics have been available in the last 20 years so, people expect extra facilities from the simple electronic devices. Before buying Sedotech this model you need to know more about CXR. SadoTech model CXR wireless doorbell is the best selling product of 2016 that has an ultra modern and sleek look. It can be used for large houses, office buildings and ranch farms.

SadoTech Model CXR Wireless Doorbell
It is really a reflective design and has different types of chime tunes. The remote signal of CXR passes through any interfaces block like steel or any wall dividers. You will never miss anyone who comes to bargaining at your door. The SadoTech model CXR wireless doorbell chime has a high-gloss design with an oversized backlit push-button which surely turns the head.


  • LED indicators
  • Very inexpensive
  • Easy to install
  • Long rang to operate
  • Adjustable volume levels
  • A transmitter button & 2 chime unites
  • 52 different ringtones
  • A group of chime option
  • Has a double-sided sticker
  • Weather-resistant
  • Reduced price

  • Does not work in 220v
  • Does not include a battery-operated motion and door sensor
  • Not expendable
  • Incompatible with L doorbell series
  • Lacking of instruction

SadoTech Model CXR Wireless Doorbell Review

From the beginning of the wireless doorbell, it’s a popular accessory in our daily life. However, Nowadays they are fast replacing the wired doorbells. They are easy to install and offer the flexibility of installing them in any place in the house. Since there are so many things to be considered while buying best wireless doorbell, we have made this guide that will be helpful like proper buying guide to buying your best door bell. You can read about all features and make a decision that which doorbell goes to for.


The range of SadoTech model CXR wireless doorbell is 1000ft with no interface which is excellent for a product at this level. But when it faces any interfaces, the range is closer to 500ft which is very acceptable.


The main body of the unit has 5 different colors. This color customization will help you to find something either to mix in with your home or contrast which is depending on your style.

Visual Indicator

The blue LED light compacted in the chimes to lights up. A visual queue included in SadoTech model CXR wireless doorbell that helps people who are not able to hear it due to the audio obstacle or any other reason.

Loud Receiver

The receivers have adjustable volume option that allows you to increase the volume from 25-110 decibel. The full loud of this doorbell is like as live rock music that is enough loud for the best.

Dual Chime

It has two separate receivers that made it best among the customers. Both chimes are connected to the doorbell transmitter. It gives you the opportunity to set up them in two different parts of your home that increase the coverage of this device.


Each receiver has been customized to play a different chime and also have their volume settings adjustment separately. So it is great to find the proper settings which are ideal for your proper situation. A battery operated chime also available in this package that instead of 2 AC chimes for more positioning option.

Clean Look

SadoTech model CXR wireless doorbell chime has a sleek style and modern glimmer look with a circular LED light that allows the doorbell to fit right in with most décor & easy to mount.


CXR has 52 different tunes which are a selection of popular songs. Sedotech model CXR even comes completed with some different chimes to add some of the fun on these occasions like birthday, Christmas or any party at your home.

IP 33 Weatherproof

This doorbell is rated as IP 33 weatherproof meaning for its capable of surviving comparatively harsh weather but it is not submersible. This is suitable protection for a door bell mounted on your door.

AC power

You can plug the chime into the wall outlet with three prongs that included in the package. This may limit the placement option a little bit. The receivers powered by the battery that comes more than direct AC power.


23A type 12V battery included in the pack but it is not a standard size. You can find it in your nearby hardware stores or shops. It’s really cheap.

Product details
  • 500ft-1000ft wireless operating range
  • 52 popular chime
  • Adjustable volume (25db to 110 db)
  • Receiver power (AC 110V ~ 220V 50Hz / 60Hz)
  • LED visual alert
  • Weather-resistant
  • 1 button and 2 plugin chimes

Installation of SadoTech Model CXR Wireless Doorbell

There are two methods for install a SadoTech model CXR Wireless Doorbell.

Method.1 is Installation by double-sided adhesive tape. Tear off the paper on one side of the adhesive tape and connect it to the rear cover of the outdoor unit. Before attaching the tape clean the wall or door with a piece of cloth in where the doorbell is to be installed so that it get better adhesion. Now tear off the other side of the adhesive tape that you already set the outdoor unit. Attach the unit to the wall and hold your press on it for 30 seconds to check it.

Method.2 you can also use step two for install SadoTech model CXR wireless doorbell where just need to take off the battery and unscrew the screws from the circuit board. Now use a drill machine to make the hole on the cover of the unit until it opened. You need to mark the location by using the hole makers that where you want to install. Now all screws are ready to install the anchor bolt of the outdoor unit. Install the circuit board back on and place the cover back on the outdoor unit.


Are you searching for the best wireless doorbell reviews with a hope of finding the best model, and then SadoTech model CXR wireless doorbell is the best choice for you. If you think that you need a simple and affordable wireless doorbell which will be great looks and work ever better, this is incredibly popular SadoTeck model. Among the thousands of reviews, really you can’t go false. So highly recommend for this.