Bestrix Smart Wireless Doorbell with Receiver Operating at over 1,000-feet Range with 36 Chimes, Battery Included

Bestrix Smart wireless doorbell is the best wireless doorbell ever. This wireless doorbell gathered much popularity from people. The wireless doorbell system is so good from other’s doorbell.

Nowadays every home owners need to protect their house from criminals. In the century 19 there is no protect system any home without man guard. That time home owners kept a man their outside door for their home security. After that century invented a system that is when a visitor come to home then press transmitter button then receiver rise on the bell.


Bestrix Smart Wireless Doorbell

Thus system follows every home owners for protecting their home without any security guard. From then man start to use the doorbell. But time was gone and technology come. At present, this wired doorbell upgrades a new version that is the wireless system. Wireless door chime have no wire needed.

At the present world wireless doorbell take the best popularity for protection home. There are many wireless doorbells in the market available but Bestrix Smart wireless doorbell take the best position from all the wireless doorbell. This doorbell system range is so good from other wireless doorbell. The smart doorbell have some special feature, That I describe below…

Feature Description

Every smart wireless doorbell have many different features. Bestrix smart doorbell works the best wireless doorbell for home security. The chime quality is the best from other wireless door chime. To the direction of Bestrix smart wireless doorbell feature is the best of any smart wireless doorbell. This wireless door chime make your life peaceful and tensionless. Every home owners want a home security, So this is the best home security without contacts, no monthly fees. Actually it give great security for our home.

Operating range: There are many smart wireless doorbell available in the market. But their connecting range from transmitter to receiver is not good for this wireless doorbell. This wireless doorbell connecting area is over 600 feet ( 1000 feet open area). Remote transmitter button manufactured by special design and quality materials for outside door use. When you are stay a little away from home like garden or corridor you can set receiver nearby your corridor. The wireless door chime need for your a smart home system.


Bestrix Wireless Doorbell

Design: There are many wireless doorbells available in the market but Bestrix is one of the door chimes that needs to every smart home system. The design of this wireless door chime is unique and elegant. This door bell makes for smart home technology system. Towards of style, it can challenge any wireless door bell.

new wireless doorbell

Indicator: The transmitter and receivers charming led indicator designed. when visitors come to your outside door and push the button then the led indicator send a radio signal to the receiver. So it let you know someone has come to your door. Automatically self-learning coding system adjustable to eliminate interference.

Chime: The quality of this bestrix smart wireless doorbell is standard, calm and peaceful. There are over 36 chimes included into this smart doorbell. The chimes you can set your own choice. The volume control of this wireless door bell is fully four level adjustable. This is the best for smart home systems

Instruments: The smart home technology comes with 1 push button (transmitter) and 1 chime unit ( plug-in receiver). Double sided sticker, 12-volt alkaline battery for push button also included with this smart home technology wireless door chime.

smart home technology


  • It is well made.
  • Manufactured for smart home technology system.
  • Over 36 chime included into it. Chime set your own choice.
  • It is easy to set up
  • Led indicator provided
  • 4 level adjustable volume system.
  • over 600 feet operating range (1000 feet open area)
  • It is very durable
  • Simple elegant and modern design
  • It can use by electricity
  • Comes with battery included.
  • Push button battery operated and Battery used 12 volt alkaline system.

  • None of this from my use.

Features information

  • 600-1000 feet range
  • four level adjustable volume
  • 36 tunes option
  • Self-learning code system
  • AC 90V ~ 260V receiver power
  • Easy installation
  • LED flash light indicator
  • 12V alkaline type A23 battery included
  • Suitable for home, business or commercial uses
  • 7 x 3.1 x 2.7 inches product size
  • Weight 4.2 ounces
  • Stylish and modern design

Bestrix Smart Doorbell

Package included

  • One chime receiver
  • One push button with transmitter
  • A double sided adhesive tape
  • One 12V A23 alkaline battery
  • User manual

Bestrix smart wireless doorbell installation process

At first chose the place in front your door where you want to set the push button. Now open the one side of the adhesive tape and fix it with the transmitter button. Then open another side of the adhesive tape and set it in the door. Remember to clean the door point with a cloth for better adhesion where you want to install the button. Finally, you need to plug in the chime receiver into a power outlet for getting the sound. Your smart home system is ready for work.

Bestrix Doorbell


However, we know better than before that bestrix smart home system is the best wireless doorbell option for our home security. This smart home technology provides over 600 ft operating range which are increased up to 1000 ft in open area. It is really pretty good for any home. This wireless door chime comes with some awesome tunes and sounds. You can set bestrix smart wireless doorbell system in any room of your home so it’s easily matched with your style and brings your décor for the home.

Bestrix digital wireless doorbell

The installation process is also very simple. You just need to plug in it into an outlet. If you think about a wireless door chime for your home security, bestrix wireless doorbell system is for you. This wireless door chime is not only cheap but it also very popular and highly recommended by the maximum customer. So stop reading about these unlimited reviews and got this one today. You will be glad to buy this smart home technology.