LERWAY 3.5 inch 170 degrees Wide Angle Peephole TFT LCD Digital Door Viewer Doorbell Security Camera Cam

A doorbell security camera is a great alternative to your old wireless doorbell. Nowadays man cannot lead a peaceful life without door viewer. A wireless doorbell with a camera is the best security for your home. The doorbell security camera enables to see visitors inside your home. A door viewer helps to protect you any theft or criminals. When a visitors come to your home you can easily see from door viewer before open the door.

LERWAY Digital Door Viewer Doorbell Security Camera Cam

The doorbell security camera is made by little wire system just need to connect your receiver from the transmitter.

There is no hard to installation. Push button setup your outside of the door and receiver keep it your inside door.

The doorbell security camera helps you to see the full clear view of the stranger who is knocked to your door. This is the best wireless doorbell for another home security.

LERWAY wireless doorbell security camera manufactured by digital doorbell system. Its included all feature which included a smart phone doorbell. The doorbell security camera consumes the visitors footage from its LCD screen monitoring device. The LCD screen device of this monitoring like a digital door viewer. This doorbell security camera able to 170-degree wide angle camera view of the outside door.

Doorbell Security Camera

Digital door viewer lets you know about visitors when you are not home. The smart phone doorbell keeps the video footage of the visitors. The monitor of this device is 3.5 inches LCD digital door viewer. Its little wide from it shape and size. When your home attacked by crimes for the 170-degree angle camera help you to see all the people shape and what thing they carried with them. This wireless doorbell security camera manufacture by the biggest company in China. So towards the compare, this is the best wireless doorbell of any other digital door view.

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Features of LERWAY Digital Door Viewer Doorbell Security Camera Cam

Features of LERWAY wireless doorbell security camera are given below.

Display: It will provide you 3.5 inches HD wide color TFT Display. It will provide you great display that will help you to see the visitor properly. The resolution size of this display is 320 x 240 screens. It has also the feature to set the screen where ever you want.

Image regulation: It will provide you high-quality image. It will provide you 300000 Pixels resolution that is HD and high quality.

Power: This Doorbell Security Camera is fully battery optimize No need any wire or power connection to connect this device. It is battery operated and uses 3pcs AA Battery for this device. Which is s common and you can easily get nearby any store of your home. For its battery operating system, it is easy to use.

Fit: This wireless doorbell with the camera is highly modified to fit any door.

Ring: This Doorbell Security Camera also has the feature to Ring indicator when the visitor is coming.

Field View: It will provide you a great field view that can help you to see the visitor properly. The optical view of this bell is View Angle 60 degrees. And the Peephole view is 170 degrees.

This device also works with two-way this home security camera Uses CCD or CMOS image sensor

Alarm function: It also provides you alarm function to alert you.

Installation: The installation process of wireless doorbell security camera is also so easy you can easily set this device in your home or apartment.

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  • 170 degree wide angle camera view
  • Included security camera
  • LCD screen monitor is 5 inch.
  • Alarm ring function enable when press push button
  • When nobody answered auto shut down system enable
  • Push button and receiver connected with cable
  • Transmitter battery operated.
  • Screen regulation 320 X 240
  • Push button battery operated.
  • Image sensor type CMOS
  • Cheap price

  • Three AAA battery not included.
  • Mounting flimsy clip
  • Camera word weak when night come.


Package include: One peephole viewer, one based flange, 3pcs battery, one peephole lens, one peephole barrels and user manuals.

The user guide that you will find in the package does not tell you the full process clearly. But you should remember to remove the back plate off the viewer at first and set it to the door. Carefully remove the mounting bracket. There’s no instruction in the manual about how you open the bracket. But installation is very similar to other doorbell security camera. You just need to follow the manual for full setup. With all these, it will take about 20 minutes total to get it up and running.

Digital Door Viewer

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Lerway digital doorbell security camera may be not seen by you like other wireless doorbell security camera reviews. But you should check it. This door viewer comes with cool design and excellent chimes. The adjustable volume and easy installation make this digital door viewer a popular security option for your home. There’s no doubt that this doorbell security camera is one of my favorite wireless doorbells with the camera. It is really suitable for any small home or business. So if you think for a smart wireless doorbell security camera that will be your best home security option and will save your some money then this is for you. Already it got popularity among the customer and giving a great service which a customer need. I recommend it to friends and family. You will be glad to buy this digital door viewer and it never falls you any wrong. You should get it today.