PowerLead PL-DB020 Wifi IP Camera / Wireless Intercom Enabled Video Doorbell Supports IOS Android for iPad Smart Phone Tablet

A doorbell is a common device nowadays. The doorbell is not only a doorbell for us it is an important home security device for our home. PowerLead PL-DB020 Wifi IP Camera is one of the great devices for home security and best wireless doorbell in present time. This device fully features able device and makes our life easier and flexible. It gives us HD wifi video camera and clear view of the visitor.

With this device, you don’t need to come to the door to answer your visitor you can easily answer your visitor from your room or anywhere you want. This device supported IOS and android so you can easily use any kind of smartphone for your device.

PowerLead PL-DB020 Wifi IP Camera

Now you can answer your visitor from your home or anywhere you want the answer process is also easy and if a visitor press the button automatically a call comes on your phone and you can answer him.

The field views of this device all most 140 degrees so you can see the visitor properly and if he or she got any carry anything you can also see that. It is one of the great wireless video doorbell and home security product for our home.

Feature Description

Power Lead Pdor D012 doorbell Wi-Fi video door phone doorbell wireless intercom enable video doorbell is the best wireless doorbell in the present world. There are many Wi-Fi video camera system doorbell available in the market but this doorbell is another best for all Wi-Fi doorbell.

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Camera: Power lead pdor model Wi-Fi video camera is the best wireless doorbell camera in all wireless door chime. This camera regulation is 2.0 megapixel and 120-degree wide angle area. You can easily see and also speak with visitors from your smartphone or tab. You can see and speak with visitors but visitors do not see you. He just speaks with you from outside door. When you don’t have your home then visitors coming you can easily know who is at your door from your device. The camera records this footage and after coming home you can contact with visitors easily.

Survival: This video doorbell is water and weather proof. It can be lasting lifetime because it has weatherproof material full covered into it. This doorbell also waterproof because waterproof material enclosure with it. Installation process so easy. Installation time max 5 min.

Security: Nowadays homeowners worry about their home security. But If you use a video doorbell in your door then you never worry about home security. Cause this Wi-Fi video doorbell includes. You can simply see visitors bring any other goods or another thing with him. You can lock and unlock this video doorbell from anywhere.

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Wi-Fi System: This wireless door chime has Wi-Fi system. It can use personal network system. Operating area is also private because it depends on what network system you used. There are many Wi-Fi doorbells available in the market. These doorbells main feature is doorbell camera.

Supported Device: This wireless video doorbell connected with app device. Android, IOS, IPod app software and any other smartphone connecting with apps. For this feature, you can easily see visitors and speak with him. But visitor could not see you. It gives you real-time video and chats with visitors. It can snap picture and record video footage from visitors.



  • The doorbell set up is so easy.
  • It is totally wireless no wire needed.
  • This doorbell include camera 2.0 megapixel.
  • Power lead wireless video doorbell is Wi-Fi connectable doorbell.
  • Best wireless doorbell is easily set your phone or tablet.
  • See and speak available with visitors using your tablet or Smartphone.
  • Include a great feature real time video, audio and take photo.
  • This doorbell support picture snapping and video recording function.
  • Power lead wireless video doorbell support real time audio chat and video chat.
  • This doorbell with include camera field of view 120 degree.
  • The wireless video doorbell support excellent moment detecting and motion detection device.
  • Function support android, iphone, ipad.
  • This doorbell offered 12 month warranty and 30 days free exchange guaranty.
  • Sound speaker quality is so good.
  • Excellent Wi-Fi signal keep connected and no drops in contact.
  • This doorbell ringer are excellent quickly call your smart phone.


  • It is not coverage long range area.
  • This doorbell video quality could be good.
  • Settings up Wi-Fi system, its instruction are not clear.

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Features information for this Video Doorbell

Operating Temperature20-55 degree
Product Dimession3.7 x 0.9 x 5.7 inches
APPUp to 8 APP user terminals
Sensor1/5 CMOS
Field View120 degree
AudioSupport Speaker and Microphone
Humidity10-95% RH
Power Input12V
APP FunctionSupport Android, iPhone, iPad
Wireless ConnectionWIFI
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No


The Power lead doorbell installation process is very simple or replace. These doorbells operate remote control system. This doorbell set up easily any wall outlet. The wireless video doorbell Wi-Fi connected system very easy. This wireless doorbell alert system so easy, it can install anyone.

Power lead doorbell alert system works three led light, video camera and motion detection. The doorbell you can easily set up within some minutes, it is not west your time. All setup instructions system include covering packet. That’s all packet instruction process to follow.

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maximum customer like the features and cheap prices of this wireless door chime but you may want for more smart and stylish wifi video camera which makes an optical statement where guests are sure to love. the powerLead PL-DB020 wifi IPCamera may be a winner. its style is obvious for its constructed of natural metal, glass, and wood.

However, when you recognize its functionality.but it can do as well as you can’t help. However, you may not help but like this best wireless doorbell. When you want to buy a doorbell for your home, its will be hard to choose the best wireless door chime at this present time. so, i will tell you that stop searching on online about this endless wireless door chime reviews. it is highly recommended from the maximum customer and they already enjoying this features.

This camera with wifi allows you to speak and see your visitors, if you have any iOS or android mobile devices. This wireless door chime allows you to get a notification on your mobile. you can also reject them easily from the app. you can turn off it using the app when you are going to sleep or your work.

The app which is available for android and iOS devices. i recommend it and want to tell you that if you need a home doorbell that will be as a home intercom and wifi video camera then you should get it one of this wifi video camera today.

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