Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell

Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell is a world-class wireless doorbell. A lot of wireless doorbells available in the market but Jacob Jensen Doorbell is well known for its unique design and feature. If u really want a doorbell for a long time then Jacob Jensen Doorbell is perfect for you.

If you want a best wireless doorbell with a lot of features then you need and want to relief from old looking door bell then this Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell review will help you a lot. 1st of all the design of this doorbell is smart not like the old boring doorbell and one of the most important parts is its sound if the sound quality of a door bell is  not good then the doorbell is useless.

Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell

This door bell will provide you great quality sound and the sound quality is parity loud. The sound quality is high design for multi-floor. The range of this wireless doorbell is pretty good, this bell provides more than 450 ft and able to cover the big house and apartment. The other benefits of this doorbell are its installation process of this door bell is so easy.


Features of Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell

Range: Range is so important for a wireless doorbell. If a bell can’t cover a house then it is useless. Jacob Jensen Doorbell will provide you 450 ft great range that can cover your home properly. It is able to cover a big home, apartment or a duplex home.

Sound: Sound is most important for a doorbell. Jacob Jensen Doorbell will provide you different unique beautiful tune. And the sound quality is also good and pity much louder. And the sound is highly modified for multi-floor. The sound quality of this doorbell is Jacob Jensen Doorbell is polyphonic.

Installation: before buy you need to know about its installation process. Because if the product you buy its installation is so tough you will not set the bell properly and it will not also work properly. The installation process of this bell simple and anyone can do this easily.

Multiple push-buttons: You can use multiple push buttons for your home with this device. If you have two or multiple doors you can easily manage them all.

Multiple receiving units: Wireless doorbell by Jacob Jensen also provides the facility to use multiple receiving units for your home. If your home is big enough and you want to use multiple receiving units then this doorbell will give you that opportunity.

Battery optimizer: This doorbell is fully battery operated. The battery that uses in this device is common and you can easily get the battery nearly any store.

Long lasting battery backup: This bell will provide you long lasting battery backup.  No need to wary about the battery after set it. Feel free about the battery backup it makes this bell extra special.

Weatherproof push button: The push batten also weather proof and specially modified  for support in all weather.


  • These Jacob Jensen doorbells add one push button and one door chime receiver.
  • Its doorbell multiple receivers supported.
  • It is simple to use and add extra one push button.
  • It’s doorbell weather proof.
  • The doorbell is set up so easy.
  • Excellent wireless working range coverage up to 450 feet.
  • Volume adjustable system – low, high, or off.
  • Super sound quality system and it is not boring or disturbing.
  • Loud volume adjustable and five tunes choice which you is the best.
  • Long time service included battery use no problem two years
  • Battery warranty two years.
  • Wireless doorbell by jacob Jensen totally walls mounted and portable.
  • These wireless doorbells are included small illuminating light, indicator and ring as well as low battery level.

  • It is not water proof.
  • Range it is not longer.

Details and Specs

  • Part Number: 46177
  • Item Weight: 2 ounces
  • Item package quality: 1
  • Product Dimensions: 5* 2* 7 inches
  • Item Model Number: 46177
  • Batteries Included? – No
  • Batteries Required? – No


The jacob jensen wireless doorbell installation process is so easy or replace. No need electricity line, it is totally wireless. This wireless doorbell small illuminating light and indicator include actives. I am share some detail installation process- Replace the battery cover, setting up the receiver, choose the melody, volume set, Remove the back cover. Just open the cover packet.

The Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell set up easily within some minute not west your time.  The doorbell push button is mounted by fix the back plate of the outside wall and snaps the doorbell between places. You can set it to open as soon as the cover packet. That’s all it is to cover installation process to follow. Test if the doorbell works usually.

Jacob Jensen Doorbell


Jacob Jensen is a great company. This company provides the best product. If you want the best wireless doorbell Jacob Jensen doorbell is the good option for you. The doorbell system is wonderful. The Jacob Jensen doorbell is an excellent model and gorgeous design. The the jensen wireless doorbell works very well. These doorbells provide a great wireless working range coverage up to 450 feet.

The best wireless doorbell gives some new feature. This wireless doorbell by jacob Jensen gives clear sound no problem to hearing the ring. This wireless doorbell available in the market. Trustfully it is the most selling product in the market. It is really great one and ultra modern doorbell. It’s not a doorbell it also works as security system.