Physen Europe Style Piano Wireless Doorbell kit

Physen wireless doorbell is a new and great doorbell. People expect extra more facilities from the simple electronic devices. This is really suitable and sufficient for any home security system because of it is the only product include with its all smart features. This wireless doorbell kit is ultra water resentence and touching push button. It can be seated outdoors or indoors. It is easily joined with any décor of your house.

Wireless Doorbell kit

There are many wireless doorbells available in the market nowadays. In this modern time Physen Europe style piano wireless doorbell kit high-quality doorbell. It provides a great operating range that cans coverage up to1000 feet in open area. It uses big apartment, office space, community building, hotel service, and factory. Its sound quality is so good to add 4 level adjustable volume system and its provide 52 chime tunes. It has an ultra tech and sleek look design.

The device all new features are included and its make our regular life is so affordable. If you may idea, that you need a simply usable and well-made best wireless doorbell. It is also can be the best gift to present as its gorgeous design and nice look, are very popular for the household. It is always saved our house. So, this is incredibly popular Physen Europe style piano wireless doorbell kit.


Feature of Physen Europe Style Piano Wireless Doorbell kit

The features of physen Europe style piano wireless doorbell kit are given below.

Range: This smart wireless doorbell kit will provide you a great range. It will give you almost 1000 ft. ( in open area ). The range that it provides us it is able to cover a big house or your apartment or a duplex home. The range that this wireless doorbell system provides us it makes this product special. The range of this wireless door chimes kit varies depending on many other things.

Physen Europe Style Piano Wireless Doorbell kit

Design: The design that provides us it is unique and it is so sweet able for your home design. This is one of the best wireless doorbells that make your home look good.

Tune: This doorbell will provide you CD quality tune. It will provide you all most 52 different tunes. And all the tunes are unique Assam to hear.

Flashing light:The features that make this wireless doorbell system special that is its flashlight indicator . It is mainly designed to see the signal in our eye or if someone faces the problem to hear he can see the signal.

Volume adjustable system: This device also provides you volume adjustable control system. You can easily adjust the volume as like as you want cause it will provide you 4 level volume adjustable facilities. The volume range is 25-85dB.

Water-resistant push button: This wireless doorbell kit is fully water resistant push baton. This push baton is highly designed for work in all weather. Use of this push baton is easy and the install also so easy. It is battery optimize and use the common battery.

Physen Wireless Doorbell kit

Weight: The weight of the device is not so high, the old doorbell was so heavy and was not easy to install. But this device is Receiver: 100g and Transmitter: 50g and so easy to use it.

Battery: The Push baton of this wireless door chime kit is fully battery operated and uses the common battery. It uses 12V 23A battery for the baton.

Piano Wireless Doorbell kit


  • It is totally wireless no wire needed.
  • It has coverage over 500 feet operating range (in open area 1000 feet.)
  • These doorbells provide the all facilities for a best wireless doorbell.
  • This is the portable wireless device.
  • It’s installation and set up very easy.
  • It is totally water and weather proof.
  • This doorbell Include 52 different chime tunes.
  • It is very advantageous.
  • The doorbell sound is so loud and enough to be heard from everywhere.
  • This doorbell provides CD quality sound.
  • It includes flash light and indicator.
  • This device is 4 level volume adjustable control system.
  • It is battery optimize system.
  • The doorbell volume range is 25db to 85db.

  • You can’t download any tune.
  • No LED indicator light.

Product Information

Material ABS plastic
ColorPiano style
Product Dimensions 6.2 * 4.3 *3.5 inc
Switch stylePush Button
Weight1.1 ounces
Volume25-85 db
Power Source Battery
Receiver voltageAC 110V-220V 50Hz/60Hz
Battery need12V 23A
Powered type AC/DC optional
Range1000 feet
Chime option52 different chime tunes


Package included: two transmitter push button, three plug-in chime receiver, two double-sided adhesive tape, screws, 12V alkaline battery and user manual.

Physen wireless doorbell kit provides an easy installation with a long wireless range of up to 1000 feet. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup. At first, choose the place where you want to set up your transmitter button. Now open the one side of the adhesive tape and fitted it with the transmitter. You should remember to clean the place with the cloth where you want to set it. Remove another side of the adhesive tape and install the transmitter button.

Wireless Doorbell kit installation

You need a power outlet for the receiver. You can also fix it with the screws in any place of your home. At last Plug-in the receiver unit with the power outlet. Your wireless door chime is ready for alerts. No need any battery because two 12V AAA alkaline batteries included in it.

Doorbell kit


If you really want a wireless doorbell kit that will be smart and cheap, I will recommend you this wireless doorbell system. Physen Europe Style Piano wireless doorbell kit is great for a large house because this long range wireless doorbell provides up to 1000 ft operating range which are pretty good. This is one of my favorite wireless door chime kit. Already it is popular among the people and it has good customer ratings. So you should stop this endless searching and buy this best wireless doorbell today. Its installation process

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