SadoTech Modern Series G Wireless Doorbell

Each Sadotech doorbell is modern and decor wireless doorbell in the present world. There is a many wireless door bell available in the market but no other door bell is more popular like this modern doorbell. Best sadotech modern doorbells have few different models among them this wireless door chime is the best wireless doorbell from other.

SadoTech doorbell

Sadotech modern series G wireless doorbell have some great specialty. This modern doorbell worked like home security. Actually, Sadotech wireless doorbell system is better than all other wireless doorbell systems.

Sadotech doorbell chime quality is attractive from any other modern doorbell. The chime of this modern doorbell is calm and noises less. Over 52 different chimes are included into this doorbell system. You need to this cheap wireless doorbell for the lead a happy and peaceful life. Toward the chime of this modern doorbell is the best wireless doorbell from all modern wireless doorbells. The modern wireless doorbell needs every homeowner for their home security.

Sadotech doorbell has a great specialty that is operating area. From transmitter (push button) to receiver (chime unit) connecting range is over 500 feet (1000 feet in open area). The volume of this smart doorbell is fully enabled control system from all wireless doorbell this is modern door chime deserve the best award. If you want to live a tension less happy life then you get this best doorbell.


Feature Description

Every wireless doorbell has some special quality. This sadotech doorbell also has many benefits. The modern doorbell is worked our home like a home guard. If every home has a sadotech smart doorbell then homeowners don’t need a home guard. Feature details is the most important matter for let you know details about a wireless doorbell. Trying to mention some of the necessary things for this doorbell .

SadoTech Wireless Doorbell

Design: The sadotech G wireless doorbell design the best from the entire modern doorbell. This wireless doorbell designed simple, stylish, and elegant. In fact, simple and stylish design is like to choose home owners for their home. The wireless doorbell is weatherproof and IP33 materials covered into it.

SadoTech Modern Wireless Doorbell

Chime: The chime unit of this wireless doorbell is elegant and the chime is euphonious. There are many wireless door chimes available in the market but this smart doorbell chime tune is better from other doorbells. There are 52 different euphonious chimes include into it. The chime of this wireless doorbell is so charming and noiseless.Modern Wireless Doorbell

Range: The operating range is another great issue to connected push button with the receiver. The modern wireless system increases the demand of any wireless doorbell. So sadotech doorbell made by the wireless system. The wireless doorbell connecting area is more than 500 feet (in the open area it works 1000 feet). So this doorbell connecting area is so larger from another wireless door chime.

Volume: Wireless doorbell is not perfect for any home or office if its volume not tunes correctly. But this door chime unit has a great volume control system. The 4 level volume control is enabled in this wireless door chime. The volumes you can set adjust according to your need. The four level volume control system help to safe your ear from the loud volume. You can set it according your hear limitation. The volume limit is 25 decibel to 110 decibels.
SadoTech Door Chime

Instrument: Sadotech doorbell comes to the entire necessary instrument included. One plug – in receiver (chime unit), one remote transmitter (push button), screws, double sided tape, anchors and removable battery for the remote transmitter. The plug-in receiver easily set electrical outlet into your home.


Product Information

Item model numberST-FX-G
Product Dimensions 2* 1.2* 3.8 inches
StyleModel G
Weight5 ounces
MaterialABS plastic
Coverage500 Feet
Switch StylePush Button
Description pileA23 12V
Battery cell typeAlkaline
Installation methodSelf-adhesive tape or included anchors/screw
Batteries Required?Yes
Batteries Included?Yes

  • It is totally wireless no wire needed.
  • These doorbells include 1 plug-in receiver, 1 remote transmitter button, and double sided sticker.
  • It is the digital remote control modern wireless doorbell.
  • The doorbells provide a great operating range, its coverage up to 500 feet (in open area 1000 ft) wireless working range.
  • This wireless door chimes battery easy to replace.
  • Four level adjustable volume system.
  • Plug receiver easily set into any electrical outlet. ( The main receiver no batteries required).
  • It is very easy to set up and installation. Installation manual.
  • The best wireless doorbell provides 50+ different ring tones
  • It is acceptable for any outdoor use.
  • It is totally weather proof.
  • The doorbell sound quality is so good and loud.

  • You can’t change sound volume then it is defective.
  • No connectable charger.
  • Volume could be turned down to the lowest level

SadoTech Modern Series G Wireless Doorbell

SadoTech Doorbell Package includes

One transmitter push button, one plugin chime receiver, screws, double sided adhesive tape, 12V AAA alkaline battery and user manual.


Installation Process

Method One: Confirm that you have all the right parts in a place like button, sticker, and battery. Now remove the back cover by pressing into the slot at the button of the transmitter. You should use finger or screwdriver. You will see a battery slot in it and place the battery into the slot. Now place the button cover back and use the one side of the adhesive tape in the button cover. After that, you can fix the button where you want to set it. But it may be fall for the weather change.

Method two: You can also do it by screws. This the similar like the previous method but little change has. After place the battery you need screws and anchor to install the back cover of the transmitter into the desired location. Stick the button into a clean surface and hold for 30 seconds. Your door bell is ready to use.

SadoTech doorbell installation


Already we know about sadotech doorbell and they are really best wireless doorbell in the market for our home security, And it’s no need to say. They prove that technology is safe and secure for our home security. If you think about money than this sadotech model is so cheap and it never tells any wrong to advertise. It’s perfect for any kind of small home or business that cover the whole home if it is 500 feet, but its great feature that in an open area it works up to 1000 feet.

smart doorbell

However, if you need a smart and cheap sadotech doorbell, I will recommend you G series are the best for you. All search result told you these same things and make you confused. So see the customer who already started to use it and what they give feedback for the product. I found that maximum buyer highly recommended it. Do you think where to buy a doorbell ? Don’t worry about it….