SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Doorbell Operating at over 500-feet Range with Over 50 Chimes

Sadotech motion sensor doorbell is another wireless door bell for the motion sensor. The motion sensor of this wireless door chime is unique. Basically, advanced wireless PIR motion sensor door bell system works when triggers pushed then the chime unit give a LED signal with the ring. The wireless door chime also work Wi-Fi motion sensor.

There are so many wireless doorbells available in the market but sadotech sensor doorbell is simple, standard and modern doorbell system. Detection time wait in between motion detection is configure able from 15 sec to 30 sec. Motion sensor connecting area is over 12 meters.

Motion Sensor Doorbell

Sadotech sensor doorbell is the best wireless doorbell than all other wireless door bells. Among the best doorbell, sadotech motion sensor door chime is the best another one. The chime of this doorbell is over 50+ different chime included into it. Towards the connecting range the motion sensor door chime beyond all the modern doorbell. The connecting area of this wireless door chime is over 500 feet. Actually, sadotech doorbells all products give the best doorbell performance for all time. This motion sensor doorbell needs to every home owners for their home security.

This door bell is perfect for our home security. In fact the best sadotech doorbell beyond all the door bell which available in the market and grab all the popularity of wireless door chime.


Feature of SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Doorbell

SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Doorbell is an advance mordant motion sensor doorbell. It provides us a lot of product that makes our daily life more flexible and easier it really helps us in our security matters. We can use this device as our home security product or an office security product. This is a popular advance product that really so effective in real life. Some of its special features are given below.

SadoTech Motion Sensor Doorbell

Range: This wireless door chime will provide you all most 500 ft great range. The range that this device provides us is really so effective and easy to use. Now you can use its receiver unit where ever you want like you can set it in your bedroom or middle of your home so that it can cover your full house. If you want to work in garden or garage, then you can set there too for its huge range.

Motion sensor range: The motion sensor also provide you a great range it can catch every activity around 12 meters ( 40 ft ) and this modern wireless doorbell work around 110 degrees. So you will not miss any activities around your home.

Tune: This device will provide you 52 different tunes. All of the tunes is unique and soft and sweet to the heir. So you can set your favorite tune as an alert tune.

Sound: This device will provide you CD quality sound system.

Adjustable volume: The motion sensor door chime also gives you the facilities to control your volume. You can make your volume now louder or low volume as you want. This wireless doorbell system will provides you 25 db to 110 db.

Detection time: Detection time of this wireless motion sensor door chime is 15 sec to 30 sec. In this short time duration, this sensor device will catch every motion time. You will not miss any activities.


Installation: The installation process of this device is also so easy. Anyone can set this device a small boy also can set it.

smart doorbell


  • It is totally wireless no wire needed.
  • This doorbell include motion sensor detector.
  • This doorbell configurable motion sensor detection time 15second to 30 second.
  • It is easily plugs into any electrical outlet.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • These doorbells provide all facilities of best wireless doorbell.
  • It is set up manual.
  • The doorbell motion sensor area range 12 meters.
  • Four level adjustable volume system. Volume 25db to 110db.
  • This doorbell gives a great operating range. Its coverage up to 500 feet wireless working area.
  • This wireless door chime adds 50+ different ring tones.
  • The doorbell sound quality so good and loud.
  • Include one plug-in receiver, one motion sensor, anchors and battery.
  • Battery easy to replace.
  • Simple, gorgeous and attractive design.
  • The motion sensor is use on/off switch.

  • No batteries included.
  • It is not water proof.
  • Motion sensor activity within a limited range.

Product Information

Part NumberST-FX-K
Product Dimensions 2* 1.5* 3.5 inches
StyleMotion sensor doorbell
Weight4 ounces
MaterialABS plastic
CoverageOver 500 Feet
Description pile9V
Battery cell typeAlkaline
UsageIndoor use only
Installation methodIncluded anchors/screw
Batteries Required?No
Batteries Included?No

Package included

One plug-in receiver unit, one motion sensor, screws, anchors, battery and user manual

Easy Installation Process

Sadotech PIR motion sensor doorbell is very easy to install as this doorbell chime require few anchors, screws and the battery for the motion sensor. The receiver and motion sensor easily mount to any vertical surface in your home where you want to put it. You just need some hand tools and it never requires a professional to hardwire to a home’s electrical system. You will find a user manual included in the package. You can easily install it by following the manual. There’s nothing i found in online about PIR installation. But practically no need anyone.

SadoTech Wireless Motion Sensor Doorbell


Home security is the first think we know that but which security option is best for your house, it’s really hard to deserve. You here, because to know sadotech PIR motion sensor doorbell and i will tell that you are the right place. Already you finish our review about sadotech door bell and know that what is necessary for you.

But if you continue this endless reviews searching then you will fall in confuse. see the market and scan one moment on customer reviews, they all said this is the best wireless doorbell chime at this time. You will never find any motion sensor doorbell that provides you correct operating range but it gives. This wireless door chimes perfect for any home, business, and house.

sadotech Push button

PIR sadotech doorbell gives you alerts in time so never miss any visitor. This is also cheap and so smart for any home and this is my favorite one. Although it is often the affordable price of the SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor that first catches the eye of homeowners, the endlessly customizable features make it more than worth your investment. You no need anyone to install it because it is so easy to setup. So you should get it today for your home safety. Do you think where to buy a doorbell or need to more about it ? Don’t worry ….