Portable Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit Operating at Over 1000 Feet Range 52 Selectable Melodies, No Batteries Required for Receiver – Black / White

Every homeowner needs a classic square design wireless door chime for home security. Nowadays every homeowner should have a standard wireless door chime. So Portable wireless doorbell chime kit is the best wireless doorbell. Man cannot live peacefully without any security for their house. There are many portable wireless doorbells available in the market but this one is the best wireless doorbell from all the door chime.

Portable Wireless Doorbell

Portable wireless doorbell standard and hi-tech alternative to your old designed doorbell. This wireless doorbell is perfect for our home security. It can know you that someone is at your door. The benefit of the wireless doorbell is it let you know when a visitors come to your home and waiting for you.

This wireless doorbell has good quality receivers with 36 different ringtones. It keeps on the desk or hanging on the wall where you need.

high range Portable Wireless Doorbell

This Portable wireless doorbell has the ultra-signal and operating area more than 300 meters (1000 feet in open area) and the chime of this wireless doorbell more than 52 different chimes. This portable doorbell is weather proof materials covered into it. The doorbell volume is also calm and loudness but there is no hearing problem for the chime. The volume control limit is up to 25 decibels to 110 decibels. Actually, the portable wireless doorbell is the best wireless doorbell than all other smart doorbells. The simple and elegant design are beyond the entire portable doorbell.

Features Description

Design: This doorbell classic unique design and combination with white or black color. It is so beautiful for your home design. This portable doorbell research and development experience over 25 years in the area of wireless doorbell with CE, FCC certifications are very good. It is one of the best wireless doorbells that make your home décor look gorgeous.

Portable Wireless Doorbell Chime

Quality: It is high tech quality device. The doorbell includes excellent long range wireless transmitter and ultra-strong access signal ability. It can be installed any home outdoor and visitor to leave the message for you. It’s always saved your house.

Range: This portable wireless doorbell gives you a long wireless range. It will provide you over 1000 feet in open area. This doorbell operating range to cover a big apartment, duplex house, and residential area. It is excellent remote control and receiving distance system.

Tune: The portable doorbell provide high quality, built-in stereo speakers with loud sound quality. It will give you 52 different ring tones and its hearing to smooth and clear. It’s set up any different place gets notified where ever you are.

Portable Wireless Doorbells

Volume system: It is also gives you four level adjustable volume control system. You can easily adjust the volume like as what you want. This doorbell volume control button of a receiver on the left side and repeatedly press this button to get volume level desired. The doorbell volume ranges 25db to 110db.

Battery: This wireless door chime is totally battery optimize. This doorbell plug-in receiver into a power outlet, no batteries required for the main receiver. It uses 12V or 23A battery. It does provide lifetime battery.

Wireless: It is totally wireless device. No wire needed use this device. The device coverage long wireless area.

Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit


Advantage of Portable Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit is given below.

  • It will provide you a great range or more than 1000 ft. That is enough to cover a big home.
  • This portable wireless doorbell will provide you classic unique design.
  • It will provide you melodies sound system.
  • It will provide you 52+ different tunes.
  • This portable doorbell will provide you loud CD quality sound system.
  • It will provide volume adjustable control system.
  • It has 4 level volume controls. It has 25 dB and 110 dB
  • The installation process of this wireless door chime is so simple.
  • The push baton of this device is fully battery operated.
  • This device is weather proof.


Limitation of Portable Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit is given below.

  • You can’t download another tune on it.
  • You need AC power.
  • The range of this device is 1000 ft in open area only.


Details of Portable Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit is given below.

  • Weight – 8 ounces
  • Color – White
  • Finish – Waterproof
  • Batteries Included – yes
  • Power – AC 110V ~ 220V

Package included for this portable wireless doorbell

one transmitter, one AC powered receiver, one double-sided adhesive tape, screws, anchors, one 12V 23A alkaline battery included and user manual.


You can install this wireless door chime in two ways. All materials included in the package. One step is with screws, another is double sided adhesive tape.

First, make a decision where you want to install it. You need a power out let for the receiver. Now you need to set the transmitter button. You can use screws for that but if you use adhesive tape than remember to clean the place with a cloth for better adhesion. Open the one side of the adhesive tape and fix it with the transmitter back side. Then opens another side of the tape and set the transmitter push button. Finally, you just need to plug in the receiver into the power outlet. Your doorbell kit is ready for the ding dong.

wireless doorbell user manual


However, Portable Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit is the best one already we know that. I want to say, you should not do mistake where lots of customers recommend it for home safety. This wireless door chime is so cheap and gives pro services. it is totally portable so you can easily use it and 1000 feet operating range makes it smart at this small price. You never need the battery for the receiver. So think, at this level, you will get a few products. And you again fall in confusion as you realize that it is better than previous. So you should stop this unlimited reviews searching and get Portable Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit today.

waterproof Wireless Doorbell

This entire customer never tells you false and the easy installation of this wireless door chime proved that this is only for you which you need for your family security.