Magicfly Portable Wireless Doorbell

Magicfly Portable Wireless Doorbell is the best wireless doorbell ringers in the world. You had not ever such an excellent product that chimes have 52 different sounds. But it’s the most important part in magicfly wireless doorbell and you have no wire needed. The Magically Portable Wireless Doorbell is battery free, wireless, come to packed and ready to use.

Magicfly portable Wireless Doorbell sound is so relaxing and sound change in per push. The best part of the Wireless Doorbell is no hard setting, you have just the both or one receivers with its then You have the speaker when a guest coming your home pushed the button you heard a calm and clear different sounds.

Product Features

  • Long Wireless transmitting range 200 meters(300 meters open Area).
  • Made by higher temperature and interference tolerate.
  • IP33-Waterproof, Double-side stickers, Easy Installation, Convenient, Long lifetime, Super power saving mode.
  • You can use 15 years if pushed 15 times per day.
  • 4 level adjustable volume from 25 db to 110 db.
  • Perfect for big houses , villa and offices.
  • 2 push button receivers and 50 different ring-tones the sound quality is more better than any other ones in the market.
  • Strong remote signal-can simply penetrate walled barriers.
  • Fire-retardant materials & Elegant melodies 52-16 chord.
  • Certifications: All products passed CE, FCC & RoHS approval.

Description of magicfly portable wireless doorbell

The Requirement for exceptional security has get to the coming of better door bells it can be analyzed through reviews. The most interesting note is the doorbells have arrived far away. They are not attached to a explanation machine. They are made it standard technology. The push button structure is intact. You can use magicfly portable wireless doorbell just anywhere you want. it’s sound quality is so calm and clearly.

Magicfly Portable Wireless Doorbell

The most important thing is your doorbells setup outside wall there is no problem if rain comes. In the house you can keep the ringers (receivers) from transmitter (push button) anywhere because it’s connecting area about 200 meters.


Magicfly Wireless Doorbell Kit Remote Button Operating at 1000 ft Range with up to 50 Chimes and Magicfly not required batteries for Receiver(2 Transmitter 2 Receiver), Black

Technical Specification

  • Parameters Equipment: Performance index.
  • Size :Receiver:80*27.5*87mm;Transmitter: 41*18*71mm.
  • Net Weight: Receiver:105g; Transmitter: 35g .
  • Wifi capacity enable.
  • Color: Black, White.
  • Receiver Working Voltage: AC 110V-220V 50Hz/60Hz Transmitter Battery 12V 23A.
  • Volume Range: 25db to 110dB.
  • Transmitter Working Voltage: Not more than 12V.
  • Transmitter Power Consumption: less than 12V.
  • Working Frequency:- 315or 433 MHZ or +\- 2MHZ.
  • Receiver Standby Current: less than 1.0mA.
  • Doorbell Nature: 1 to 1,  AC\DC wireless doorbell
  • Lighting Condition: constant light (Standard)/Ring down; flash/Ring down; don’t shining.
  • Packing volume: 12*9.5*21cm.
  • Weight :- 0.4 K.G.

  • Very simply to use
  • Modern, simple and attention seeking design.
  • Transmitting range: 300 meters.
  • 50 (16 chords) elegant melodies.
  • Four levels laud volume.
  • Wi Fi capacitate.

  • Poorly written instruction.

Package Contents

  • 2 * Transmitter
  • 4 * Receivers
  • 2 * 12V23A battery(10g)
  • 4 * screws
  • 4 * plastic rings
  • 2 * double-side sticker

Additional Information

Article-Number: Magic-fly MF072X2
Element Density: 10.4 ounces
Product Dimension: 6.3*5.7*3.7 inches
Product container Variety: 2 door chime + 1 Push Button; 1 door chime + 2 Push button;  2 door chime + 2 push button; 1 door chime + 1 push button.
Color: Black and White

How to Install?

Magicfly door bell installation process is very easy. The Wireless doorbell install and running in 5 minutes. This doorbell don’t have no wire. So just plug in the receivers in your outlet wall and ringers (transmitter) set up near the entrance where you want.

Why Buy magicfly portable wireless doorbell?

Magicfly portable wireless doorbell works awesome and solution the embarrassment It’s keep us in when I confuse the wires to the old doorbell during a impressive remodel. I have attempt to find a wireless doorbell that has standard ringtone. so finally I have got this wireless doorbell. This is the one!

Easy to install. There two inclusion to plug into various of your house. Exceptional loud ringtone superb the kitchen when the food processor(any mixer) going. I highly recommended to buy this product. would I bye again!


You can now go your daily shop without any worrying about who is waiting at the door and you get him soon. It’s important to know that the doorbell have different model, color black & white, calm and clear sound, installation time, within 5 minutes. More than that, the achievement, pricing and the unity of the doorbells is astonishing. The purchasers have loved it every item of the different convenient article this one comes. At the time  you are deal with for object not absolutely over the top, but excellent in everyday us. Magicfly portable wireless doorbell provides the purpose well. This review desire to permit you all the information you have need to generate the right choice.