Honeywell RCWL3502A1002/N Decor Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

Honeywell decor wireless door chime and push button is better than any other wireless doorbell. This is the best wireless honeywell doorbell in all Honeywell products. If you have this Honeywell wireless doorbell you don’t worry about your home security. Honeywell RCWL3502A1002/N decor wireless doorbell can be set vertically or horizontally to setup own choice or simply backup existing holes. Honeywell door chime have great chime system.

There are 6 chime systems that you set your own choice. All Honeywell users gave good reviews this Honeywell wireless doorbell. They used this doorbell and got much benefit from this wireless door chime. Some people say Honeywell RCWL3502A1002 model door chime have the best chime than all other Honeywell doorbell. Its have adjustable volume system. Some doorbell has fully adjustable volume system. The most important thing is that doorbell manufactured by adjustable volume doorbell

Honeywell doorbell is the best wireless range operated. It’s have around 450 feet operating area.

If you away from your house like kitchen or garden no problem to listen the Honeywell chimes.

The sound of doorbell is noiseless and cool. Honeywell wireless doorbell is operated by wireless battery system.

Honey wireless doorbell is common factor its self learning code system and naturally adjusts to ignore interference.

This door chime works up with six push buttons, also have motion radars and door contact for compute care or convenience.

This honeywell doorbell is perfect style for your standard home. This makes your life flexible.  More feature gives below…


Features of honeywell doorbell

Wireless: Honeywell wireless doorbell is operated by wireless battery system. The transmitter and the receiver between connected with wireless.

Range: Honeywell doorbell operating range about 450 feet. You can use this doorbell big house, apartment or office.

Indicator: This doorbell have indicator. When batteries get low then show the indicator light.

Color: This Honeywell wireless doorbell color is available in the market. This doorbell is making charming and attractive color. The color of this doo chime is Silver.

Volume: This doorbell has 4 level fully adjustable volume systems. The volume of this door chime is awesome; there are four level adjustable volumes in this device.

Design: This wireless doorbell comes with standard decor and design. The doorbell design is simple and best quality from other.

Operating System: It works up with 6 push button, motion radar system, door chime for added security and convenience. It is also self learning and automatically coding system.

Battery: There are 4 battery required in it. Battery is not included.

Product Description

Honeywell decor wireless door chime and push button set you your own choice like vertically or horizontally. This wireless door chime comes with six push buttons which works up to six buttons. This Honeywell decor wireless door chime operates maximum 450 feet around.

Installation is easy than other wireless doorbell. Four cell batteries required in it but battery is not included. It also self learning coding method and automatically handle it. Before buy you need to full details about this honeywell doorbell. This Honeywell wireless doorbell works up to 6 transmitters and allowing you to set a single chime for single push button.

Honeywell decor wireless door chime have different chime for each transmitter. You can set each transmitter where you like to set. Before buy this product you don’t worry about how it work, It works good and lasting many years some of this product can be lasting long time. You have need to know full details about this doorbell, describe about this doorbell full information below..


Product Information

Product Dimension12*8.3*2.7 inches
Item Weight1.6 ounces
Item Model NumberRCWL3502A1002/N
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?Yes

  • Fairly to install
  • 450 feet operating range
  • Works with up to six push buttons.
  • Motion radar and self learning coding system automatically connected.
  • Six chime tunes and fully adjustable volume system in it.
  • Four cell Batteries required.
  • Noiseless and cool chime
  • Charming color available

  • It does not base light up.
  • Cannot create personal sound or song.

Installation of honeywell doorbell

Honeywell wireless doorbell installation is very normal. You can set it horizontally or vertically which as you want. You can put it any suitable place in your house. At first open your packet and configure all instrument, battery setup in transmitter and let connecting between receiver and transmitter. Push button is automatically connecting with receiver then waiting few minutes. After configure those thing it will be ready for setup. The transmitter keeps your outside door where you want and receiver also put where you want to keep. The Range of this door chime is 450 feet. So you can keep receiver around 450 feet where you like best.  It is very important that Honeywell this model door chime you can keep anywhere you want. Installation time is only five minutes.


After all you know all about this Honeywell wireless doorbell. Honeywell wireless doorbell is the best door chime all over the world. There are various kinds off doorbell have only one brand the brand is Honeywell brand. Now you can go to market and buy this product if you really like it.  This doorbell has different types of advantage.