SkyBell HD silver wifi video doorbell

Skybell wifi video doorbell is a great video doorbell in the present world. You can’t think your home security without wifi doorbell camera. For every homeowner, it’s really confusing to choose something smart that will be all in one for home. You will find thousands of brands where it is a little hard to find the perfect. Skybell already released so many items for your home security.Skybell wifi video doorbell

Skybell wifi video doorbell is one of the best Wi-Fi enabled wireless video doorbells from Skybell’s all manufacture. Doorbell should be your first safety for you. If you need extra security, this wireless video doorbell is for you.

Skybell wifi video doorbell is a new model that comes with some great features. A high definition HD camera included in it that allows you to speak, hear and talk with your visitor clearly. It will be connected to your home Wi-Fi. You can see your visitor before open your door from anywhere by using any smartphone. When any visitor pushed the button this wireless video doorbell will send a video feed if you use a smartphone.

This wifi doorbell camera provides a 1080p and full night vision camera that really gives a clear video. You will never want any unexpected visitor in your door. If you miss or don’t receive any call, it will record video. So you can always know who is at your front door. Its two-way talking system allows you to speak with your guest using the smart phone.


Features of skybell wifi video doorbell

HD video: This doorbell with the camera gives a high definition 1080p HD camera that provides a clear video where you can see any visitor clearly. You can see the video with 5X zoom. This doorbell’s HD streaming is the best in the current markets.

Hear and speak: This wifi video doorbell offers you a great feature to speak with the visitor and you can also hear your visitor’s talk before open the door.

Motion Sensor: if your guests don’t use the push button, the motion sensor that included in this package detects every motion. The detector detects every movement from 8 feet away. It also starts recording when someone detected by the sensor.

Night Vision: Night vision color protects home from any anti-device. It can record clear video during the night. So you will get full color in the dark.

Weather Proof: only this wireless video doorbell can operate from 40 to 150 degrees F. It’s suitable for any weather to work.

There are also some great features with this model. You can snap the photo that really incredible for you. You can also set this wifi doorbell camera with multiple devices. If you install this doorbell’s app in your mobile then you will be able to turn off it from your phone. It gives you access to control it from the app.

Product Specification

  • 1080p HD video camera
  • Silver and bronze two color
  • 8 × 0.9 × 2.8 inches
  • Weight 1.9 ounces
  • Night vision with full color
  • Motion detector included
  • Two way audio
  • Made by USA
  • Battery included
  • LED indicator light
  • Digital microphone

  • SkyBell wifi video doorbell is the only one on the market that has a HD video camera.
  • Motion sensor gives right motion detection
  • It offers the facility to store the video and download them.
  • Access camera feed from the app
  • You can see visitors at night without recognizing them.

  • HD app is not available for some android version


  • At first you need a power source where you will connect Skybell HD. It needs to be connected with your existing doorbell wiring or into an adaptor. If you don’t have doorbell wiring, you need a resistor to connect adaptor.
  • Now attach the mounting plate. Select some spots for the screws and make a few holes with drill to connect the screws.
  • Put the wire through the mounting plate and set it to the wall.
  • Make the screws tied using a screw driver. Now Skybell is ready to connect with mounting plate.
  • Skybell made an app for this new product. You need to install it now in your iOS or android device to operate the Skybell HD
  • After installing the app open it and follow the instruction. It’s very easy and simple step.
  • At last it’s ready to final test. After finish all installation you should check this in action. Press the button to confirm activity.Skybell wifi video doorbell review


Already you know everything about the Skybell wifi video doorbell. If you are looking for a smart and affordable wireless video doorbell then this is only for you. Skybell is only the best wireless doorbell in the market who giving you HD resolution in doorbell. This wifi doorbell camera will be all in all for your home security. So if you like this then you should get it today. I hope you will like this review. It has a good customer support. Although this is a big budget, it never loses your money and will give you pro security.