Honeywell RCA902N1004/N Wireless Motion Detector

Honeywell is one of the popular companies in the world. This company mainly provides doorbell, door accessory, door security product, motion detector etc. Honeywell wireless motion detector is one of the best wireless doorbells accessories nowadays. Honeywell motion detector is wireless and fully user-friendly. Honeywell RCWL300 or RCWL330 and all chimes support this motion detector.

Product Features of honeywell motion detector

  • Wireless: This device is wireless so you can use it easily. It is wireless so you don’t need any wireline and you can set it where ever you want.
  • Battery operated: This device is fully battery operated. No need any electricity to operate this device. It uses 9 v batteries and this battery is available nearby your house.
  • Range: This device extended with RPWL3045A. Normally its range is 40 feet.
  • Work: This device work with some particular model of Honeywell doorbell like RCWL300A, RCWL330A and all Decor Series Wireless Chimes.
  • Design: This device design for indoor or outdoor use.

Product Description

Honeywell motion detector is one of the great inventions for home security. Honeywell is completely wireless and easy to install. For home security, motion detector pays a very important role. There are many products available in the market for home security. honeywell motion detectorBut motion detector is more feature able and helpful than other. Honeywell motion detector works with RCWL300, RCWL330 and all other décor series chime.

Honeywell wireless motion detector work if any person in your door it will alert you. The main feature of this motion detector is you can use it in different purpose like home security, or room motion purposes etc.  If you have any small baby and stay on other room then it will help you to care him. If any door or window is open then it will alert you.

Nowadays the crime rate is high in all over the world so we need to be careful and this motion detector of honey well helps you in your security purposes. It also help you any to alert you in your room motion. If you set this motion detector several place of your home it will alert you in every motion activities. It will fully help you in every activity for security purpose. It will help you to keep safe from unauthorized person.

Normally its range is 40 ft. But don’t wary you can expend its range by other purchase of RPWL3045 converter.

Details and spaces of honeywell motion detector

Number RCA902N
Weight 8 ouns
Product Dimensions 6.2 * 4.3 *3.5 inc
Origin China
Size Medium
Color of productWhite
Power Source Battery
Battery IncludeNo
Battery needYes
Battery Type Lithium Ion

  • Honeywell motion detector will help you to detect every single motion. You will never miss any motion activities to alert you and help you to keep away from any unauthorized person.
  • Honeywell wireless motion detector will provide you 40 ft. range. You can also expend its range. Its feature to expend range is great and cover the big area by extending its range.
  • This device is fully battery optimizes and no need any wire connection to set it. Its wireless feature makes it more flexible product ever.
  • The battery that uses in honeywell motion detector is 9 volt which is a common battery and available in every shop or super moll or electronic shop. So don’t worry about to get it.
  • The design of it is highly modified for all purpose use. You can use it in indoor or outdoor where ever you want.

  • One of the main problems its own range is 40 feet.
  • Need extra purchase to expend its range.
  • Need extra device of Honeywell with it.


The installation process of this device is so simple. The whole process takes only 5 to 10 minutes to set this device. You can use this in several ways this motion detector is wireless no need any wire connection atoll. You can use this device with different door chime of Honeywell. Just set it and active this device with other and it is ready to use.


Our security is so important for us. We take a lot of step to secure our self-safe. Honestly if you really want to secure your home then you can try honeywell wireless motion detector. The hole description that describe for you is on this product is really effective for your home. This product will help you in many ways. As a well-wisher I will recommend you to buy honeywell motion detector for your home or apartment.