Avantek DT32 portable wireless door chime

Doorbell is known as best home security product. It’s a common word but the working process of the modern doorbell is not common. Avantek dt32 is one of the best wireless doorbells in this time. When you are searching for the wireless doorbell reviews, you will get more and more kind of reviews or products that make you confused. It’s naturally hard to choose a wireless door chime where every day many new products reached in the market. So some information needs to keep in mind that helps you to choose best wireless doorbell among the false.

wireless door chime

Avantek DT32 wireless doorbell is a modern high tech door bell that is really variation of your old fashioned door bell. This brings a new level of benefits to your life. The great design of dt32 easily decants with the décor of your home. DT32 wireless door chime is the best wireless doorbell of 21st century that tells us how a door bell should work. It offers excellent convenience and performance. It is specially designed to be suitable as a device.


Product description

  • Avantek dt32 wireless doorbell has battery operated transmitter that you can outside of your door using adhesive mounting tape or screws. It has a receiver chime unit; you can plug it into the wall.
  • The maximum effective range of dt32 is 650 ft which is pretty good for your home. You can use it as a business or residential doorbell. You need to
  • It has 48 tunes that you can select as you choice and 4 level adjustable volumes. From the standard ding dong to any well known melodies included in it. The sound of the tune is suitable to hear that never boar you.
  • If anyone stay in front of you door, the blue LED flashes. It has a new designed coding system that ensures no interfaces from any other nearby wireless device. In this item you will get an Eco power management system that included in this door bell chime package. It reduces power costs.
  • The smart looking design and simple control options are designed for easy customize and installation. The transmitter takes one minute to mount. This doorbell chime comes with two different color; black & white.
  • The transmitter of this door chime is weather and water resistant which is ready for outdoor performance in any season.

Product Specification

Item Weight0.3 ounces
Product Dimensions5.6 × 3.6 × 3.1 inches
Transmitter Voltage NeedDC 12 V
Receiver VoltageAC 100-220V, 50/60 GHz
DisplayBlue LED
Sound25-85 db
Battery CellAlkaline
MaterialABS plastic
Battery IncludedYes

  • Operating range 650 feet
  • Smooth and compact design
  • Very easy to setup
  • Four levels of adjustable volume that you can adjust up to 25-85 db
  • LED visual indicator
  • It has 48 chime tunes
  • A coding system included in it to avoid any interfaces
  • IP44 push button

  • Need a scroll button for volume
  • Its play too fast

How to switch wireless door chime tunes

You need to hold the volume adjustment button on the receiver for 5 seconds to enter the chime tune mode. You will see the blue LED light flashing. For browse the tune just press the music switch button that the receiver offers. If you need a chime tune, press the transmitter button to confirm the selection and the transmitter will replay your selected tune. When you need to stop the chime switch mode, just hold the volume adjustment button for 5 sec.

AVANTEK DT32 Wireless Doorbell

Installation of wireless door chime

Package contents: 1 transmitter, 1 receiver, screws, battery, adhesive tape, 1 manual

The doorbell chime transmitter unit is battery operated and easy to mount in outside of the door with adhesive tape or screws that it provides. You can plug this wireless door chime unit into any standard home outlet. All that’s will take a few minutes to install. After buy this wireless door chime you just need to open the package and its ready to use.


Avantek DT32 wireless door chime is really suitable for your home security. Avantek this model is the best wireless doorbell in the present market places. If you need a door chime that will be all in one of your home then stop searching about this endless wireless doorbell reviews. It is really cheap, so you should get it today. Undoubtedly this is great door chime for you.