AVANTEK DT42 Wireless Doorbell

The avantek wireless doorbell is a great and modern high tech wireless door chime. Avantek DT42 wireless door chime is one of the beautiful doorbells it’s you can use on your property. It looks gorgeous. This doorbell provides a whole new level to advantage in our daily life and the sleek design easily join with the décor of your home.

Its wireless doorbell systems can be easily set up. With This wireless door chime, you can enjoy 36 tunes. This door chime is including the ding dong chime tune. The avantek wireless door chime has a sleek, modern design.AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell This doorbell includes great new features flashing blue light when someone is at the door. This device is specially designed to offer best advantage and performance. This avantek DT42 wireless door bell system is all operations are one touch optimize.

This avantek DT42 wireless door bell system is all operations are one touch-optimize.

Product Feature

Easy Installation: The Avantek wireless doorbell transmitter unit is battery operated include loge life battery. The receiver chime unit plugs into the standard home outlet. It takes only a few time the device is out of the cover packet and ready to set up.

Simple Operation: This doorbell works one touch optimized for all operations, for ultimate ease of use. It’s a great choice for any home setting business, commercial and support living and more.

Long Wireless Range: Don’t need to say about the range of this wireless doorbell. It’s range is really good. This wireless doorbell works very well and over a long distance for a clearer sound understanding, simply it can handle a house with three floors. This doorbell gives us good wireless operating range up to 1000ft. It’s great for your office or apartment.

Volume control: This doorbell volume can be adjusted to three separate settings and the volume and chime controls are easy to use.

Chime Tones: This wireless door chime is providing a total of 36 chimes and the traditional ding dong to well known tune included and 3 level of adjustable sound volume for your comfort.

Package contents

1 Transmitter, 2 Receivers, 1 CR2032Battery, 2 Double -Faced Adhesive Tapes, 1 Instruction Manual

Product Information

Part Number: DT42_1

Item Weight: 7.2 Ounces

Product Dimensions: 6.4 × 5 × 2.6 inches

Transmitter Size: 1.8×3.7in;

Receiver Size: 2.6×11.5in

Power Source: AC

Usage: Perfect for Apartment, Office.



A wireless doorbell adds an extra damnation in our home security system. Always know when someone is at your door with quick text or email alerts whenever the bell is rung. The device connects to other home automation element for customized controlled lighting for further security and benefit.

Avantek wireless doorbell with a camera attached to the panel of outside door. This cause you would entry of only the people you know, and which you know will not be capable to breaking your house security. Also, since this camera added doorbell with a speaker and microphone included to it, you can also inform with someone standing outside the gate before accept him within.

This gives you house extra security cover as intruders and thug cannot gain entry into the house without your permission.

–    It’s Easy to Install

–   This doorbell is sleek design and very smooth

–   This door bell includes 36 chime tunes

–   It’s coverage 1000ft working range

–   This wireless door bell system added three adjustable sound volume levels.



Avantek wireless doorbell only disadvantages that works on the battery system. You don’t always check the battery, so you need to cheek it every day.

–  No connectable charger.

–  Chime melodies can be dragging.


Avantek wireless doorbell setup process is so easy. It’s decoration time only a few minutes. You don’t need to spend hours for set up this product. This wireless doorbell system can be adjusted to 3 separate volume settings and door chime controls are easy to use.

Benefit Of avantek wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbell also help your home’s security levels as they include opportune features like motion detector sensors, night vision, and other false intelligence to detect sound and behavior outside your home another wireless model also include video cameras, intercom system, and Wi-Fi connectivity to let you view, hear, speak, and even record enter guests before opening the door in real time.

Wireless door chime are also beneficial for people with hearing inability while they can be disturb by flashing LED lights to indicate visitor who is staying outside. Avantek wireless doorbell can install different units, in this way creating that advantage where you can hear the door chime from any room.


It has taken the time to improve the functionality of the racial lower end wireless door bell by adding a few smart features. Avantek wireless doorbell styling, very attractive and most reviews on this model will tell you. It is extremely opportune to be adjusting volume chime selection from the face receiver than the common button on the black of the unit. It does actually appear to have the largest range than most another doorbells too.

This wireless door chime is very good touch activation with organic buttons is a nice touch. This doorbell install takes just a few minutes because there are no batteries included in the receivers. Its doorbell also added 36 available door chimes. These Avantek wireless door bells include a great new feature LED blue flashing light. This feature make is the best wireless doorbell.


Finally, we can see, Avantek wireless doorbell is a high-tech quality. Avantek DT42 wireless doorbell chime is a very reasonable priced product. The best wireless doorbell gives a lot of features and thousand of reviews from the customer. Really it is the best seller product in the market and the most customers recommended it. You can set it to open as soon as the cover packet. That’s all there is to packet installation process to follow.