Honeywell RCWL210A 1005/N portable wireless door chime

Honeywell gains their leadership in the twentieth century for trustful service and smart products. From the beginning, they are giving customer support worldwide and come to the top with their control of technology for buildings, home and industries. Honeywell wireless door chime touches most people’s daily lives. If you search Honeywell technology, you will find more than 150 million homes and 10 million buildings around the world that are used Honeywell products specifically Honeywell door chime.

Honeywell wireless door chime

Honeywell wireless doorbell is popular in this time for best home security. The maximum homeowner may think about the best wireless door chime for home and some extra benefits before buy. Honeywell door chime always works like a pro and you will never miss any knock from the visitor. You may not hear the sound when you are in the back yard or the bedroom of your home. But this Honeywell doorbell gives you alert in the right time and you can hear it from anywhere in your home.

Honeywell RCWL210A makes it easy to know who are at the front of your door. You will never miss any visitor or guest when they pushed on the push button. All smart features included in this wireless door chime that is suitable for your home. A white sleek design made this Honeywell door chime great looking and convenient. This Honeywell door chime has a pre-programmed push button that is really easy to set up.


Honeywell RCWL210A portable wireless door chime features:

  • Battery operated door chime
  • Handy wireless design and remote push button
  • It has several transmitter and motion detector capability
  • This Honeywell door chime has four push buttons to work
  • The operating range of RCWL210A wireless door chime is 150 feet
  • It has three levels of adjustable volume with a flashing light indicator
  • This Honeywell doorbell has four chime tunes
  • It has a self-learning code system that is able to eliminate interface
  • Smart and attractive look

Product Description

Honeywell RCWL210A wireless door chime allows you to bring the chime to your home, garage, office or anywhere you want to hear it. The units have 150 feet working range which helps you to confirm that you won’t miss any visitor. It has four push buttons which are enabled to work together. You can also use the same system to keep track of your all door.

It has a contemporary look that mixes your style with your home’s decoration. This door chime is easy to set up it on your table or anywhere without it getting. This Honeywell door chime delivers CD quality sound. The volume of RCWL210A door chime is fully adjustable and giving you the control over the sound. Four tunes are included in it so you can choose any of you.

This Honeywell wireless doorbell offering you flashing light indicator option that is necessary for any member who are not able to hear the sound. If you have baby or child in your house then it has an option to completely turning off the sound at the sleeping time.

A slim and stylish push button included in RCWL210A wireless door chime that is suitable for your front door. This Honeywell doorbell is made by white color and UV resistant plastic that maintain obstacle of your home. It is very easy to mount and the push button has a different code and self-learning design that helps to prevent the interfaces from other users. The push button is battery operated. It has a low battery indicator for both chime and the push button so that you won’t get caught without power.

Product Specification

Push button color: white

Chime box color: white

Dimension: 9.2 × 3.6 × 6.5 inches

Weight: 10.4 ounces

Button type: wireless

Range: 150 ft

Include battery: yes


Installation of wireless door chime

Pack contents: Chime, Push Button, adhesive pad 2 screws, 2 wall plugs

Setup is very easy and simple. No need any wire or program to set the push button. Cheek the package what included in it. You need some elements before setup the process like C size 1.5V alkaline battery, screwdriver and a 6mm drill machine. Now install the battery like the image you can see under.

wireless door chime

For set your tune selects the press button and release programming button. Push your button again for hear another sound. First time hold your press for 15 sec to erase all memory. If you need to reprogram, just follow this step again. Now install back cover using the screws or adhesive tape that it provides. Before final set up adjust range. Walls or metal can reduce your range. Adjust volume and select a tune that you want to hear.


This Honeywell wireless doorbell is honest like its advertised and very cheap for buy. This Honeywell wireless doorbell allows you to control your home security specifically and no need any mechanic or programmer to set up it. So if you thinking about mind touching smart doorbell, Honeywell RCWL210A 1000/N portable wireless door chime is the right choice. So stop your reading about endless doorbell reviews and get this one.