Hoo Too wifi video doorbell

Hoo too wifi video doorbell is a new doorbell model. In this present world, it’s really suitable and sufficient for any homeowner because it is the only product that comes with its all smart features. Before open the door it’s really thinkable for you that who your door is at front. The wireless door bell is best automation product for home which gives you like a pro security.

Hoo Too wifi video doorbell is the best wireless doorbell in the market. You will find thousands of brands who are not saying correct in their advertising and also do not work their products properly that they produce. Hoo too comes with great features that will improve your home security. You can keep your eye in your home from anywhere if you use Hoo Too wifi doorbell.Hoo Too wifi video doorbell

This wifi video doorbell has a live feed video feature that allows you to see, hear and speak with your all visitors who have pressed the button.

You can communicate with them from your mobile device. So where are you that’s a no matter!

This wireless doorbell has a HD video bell app that sends you a video feed when the visitor presses the bell. If you want to accept the call just touch receive button, but you can ignore it if you don’t want. When your visitor stays over 15 sec in front of your door they will be caught by this wifi doorbell camera and sent the notification.

You need a micro SD card to save this video which you can’t get or miss from this wifi video doorbell. You are also able to snap the photo of your visitor that they will never know. It automatically gives you the alert when you are at home, business or any other place. You can replace Hoo Too wifi video doorbell with your current doorbell. This wifi video doorbell will be connected with your home Wi-Fi network and very suitable to setup any power outlet.

Hoo Too wifi video doorbell

Need to remember that it never give you the alert when the battery will be down. So always check it that you’re battery is full charged and put your doorbell always on. If you download and install the app, you will be able to control it when you are in sleeping.

Hoo Too video doorbell

Product Features

  • iOS and android supported and it gives you the instant alert when you are at home or out.
  • You can talk or chat with your visitor. If you insert a micro SD memory card in this wireless doorbell, it will start to record the video.
  • This wireless doorbell will be connected to AC power directly that gives a battery backup.
  • PIR motion detector included with night vision which allows you to see your visitor clearly at night.
  • It’s really easy to setup. First, you need to mount and then replace your traditional door.
  • Download this bell’s app from iOS or android to control the door bell. It’s a smart bell that provides you to take photo snap or video recording. You just need a SD card for save.
  • If you want to stay at vigilant always then use the AC power adapter or you can also use DC power batteries to give power the doorbell.
wifi video doorbell

Product Information

  • Wifi enabled video doorbell
  • Connects to multiple devices
  • Micro SD card supported
  • Product weight 15.2 ounces
  • Complete with matte plastic
  • Push button included
  • Dimension 5.3 × 4.5 × 4.1
  • Ellipse shaped
  • Clear image with infrared sensor

  • Easy to install
  • iOS and android supported
  • high regulation video quality
  • night vision sensor that gives a clear look at night
  • Battery and plug; two option included in it.
  • Has a great ability to hear and talk

  • You can use batteries if the wall adapter doesn’t work for you.
  • iOS app is simple and easy to use, it’s almost too simple. Would like to have more features like being able to change alert notification sounds to something not so obnoxious.

Installation of wifi video doorbell

Package contents: Doorbell, Power Adapter, Resource CD, Quick installation guide, mounting bracket, installation kit.

If you have peep hole then remove it from the door and you will get a power cable in it. Now you should thread the power cable into the power tube. Fixed mounting tube on the bracket and screwing the nut. Power adapter need to be connected with switch. Insert the switch to power port. Insert the mounting tube into the peep hole. Now go to in front your door and set up it by screwing the four corners of the mounting bracket. Install the app on your mobile devices and wait until it finished. Finally this wifi video doorbell is ready to plug in a power source.

HooToo doorbell


There are many similar brands in the market but this wifi video doorbell only the best wireless doorbell.  When you think for cheap and smart door bell for your home then this is for you. From many customer reviews this wireless door bell is incredibly popular option and provides great services. It has a good customer rate; 4 out of 5 starts. Now you should get this wifi video doorbell. Stop this endless reading about doorbell and buy this. If you like this wifi video doorbell or not I wish you all the best.